fHi, my name is Sajida Zouarhi and I am a 24-year-old french PhD Student in Computer Science and Telecom Network.

I am also an engineer and my passion is innovation in all its forms.
I like to design solution to complex problems with a real impact on our society, and carry a project with a team.
I am comfortable with abstract concepts and every stimulating situations where I get to use my analytic skill. [engineering projects]
I also like to get my hands dirty by participating to fun & demanding events like hackathons, startup weekends, etc. [blockchain] [entrepreneurship]

I am a curious person, fast learner, confortable with disruptive ideas and creative thinking.
I like challenges and I can easily adapt myself to new environments. [travels]

Most of all I like spontaneously sharing and connecting with people.
[teaching][volunteer work][travels][community management]


CV [français][old]
Sajida Zouarhi – CV 2017 [english]