PhD Thesis

Transmission of critical data is a major issue in industrial systems. Today, we find more and more sensitive data in circulation. Regarding the transmission channel, questions of security, confidentiality, but also end-to-end integrity and traceability are hot research topics.

Thesis subject

“Quality of service of complex and heterogeneous systems for critical data transmission”

What do we want to solve?

The question behind the subject is “How to enable a telecom operator like Orange to guarantee a QoS level for critical data transmission?”

THESIS fields

Early work

First step in this research work was to understand the underlying problems. It was achieved through decomposition of each term:

  • What is the quality of service we are considering?
  • To what do complex and heterogeneous systems refer to?
  • And finally, what is a critical data?

Here is an example of critical data

In Healthcare, critical data are data that we don’t want anyone to access or steal because it’s private and because some malicious people might use them to do a bad deed (blackmail, credit denial etc.).
It is also data which transmission mustn’t be compromised (e.g. delayed) because it might be an alert saying that the patient is having a stroke and needs to be rescued (even if it’s the 31th December night and the network is congested by New Year text messages).

Other: IoT, crisis management, finance etc.

THESIS use case


Use Case with Alice & Bob (them again!)

If the connected wristband that Alice is wearing needs to send some health information to her Doctor (Bob), this message will have to go via bluetooth from the wristband to the gateway (Alice’s phone for example) then the phone will send the message in another format to a platform (that belongs to the provider of the wristband) and this platform will then communicate with the private network of the hospital – where Dr Bob is working.

► Being able to guarantee privacy, traceability and integrity of the data all the way is challenging.

To complicate the picture, if this health information is an alert saying that Alice is having a stroke:  how to predict the time when Dr Bob will receive* it and moreover how to guarantee this time?

*We are talking about “reception” not Bob reading the message or acting on it, the retroaction loop that will be to inform a rescue team to save Alice is another process that is not in the operator scope of responsibility.

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Sajida Zouarhi
PhD Student   [from 2014 to 2017 expected]
LIG (computer science lab of Grenoble) – HADAS team – GRENOBLE INP
Supervisor: Prof. Christine Collet – website.Afficher l'image d'origine
Orange Labs (telecom operator)
Supervisors: Philippe Genestier, Jean-Marc TemersonRetour à l'accueil