Grenoble Blockchain Meetup

A Blockchain Community in Grenoble


I founded this group on october 2015 because I was curious and impressed by this new paradigm and because of the lack of a blockchain community in Grenoble.

Our goal is to gather curious people (from technical and non-technical backgrounds) around blockchain topics.
We have a monthly meeting with talks, hands-on session, brainstorming, pitch etc.
That we always conclude with the “apero” of course!

What we want to do is identify blockchain proactive people (developer, designer, value seeker) and launch innovative projects (hackathons, startup, cooperation).

  • To join the meetup or to take a look: here

Some of the presentations slides I did about Blockchain are available on the group (or upon request if you send me an email).

If you’re looking for a speaker about Blockchain (explanations of all the concepts, use-cases as examples, pros and cons, technical aspects) let me know. (:

If you want to discuss with me about Blockchain, do not hesitate to contact me!