Kidner Project

Blockchain Hackathon – Dublin – 6 to 8 november 2015

The very first Blockchain Hackathon in Europe took place in Dublin this weekend! It was an exciting moment to learn more about Blockchain and discuss its potential with curious and talented minds.

>> You can check the live feed of the event on the organizer twitter here:
>> Blockchain Hackathon website:

Kidner Project

During the Blockchain Hackathon, my team and I built an innovative application, open source, blockchain-based, that has nothing to do with bitcoin or finance, rather it was about disrupting Healthcare -> meet “Kidner” a kidney transplant matcher!

To learn more about Kidner, check the description here: Kidner on Linkedin

  • Wiki of the project (full description) : here
  • Project (solidity code and documentation) : here

If you have any question, feel free to comment or to send me an email.