24H Chrono of entrepreneurship
[more like 32 hours]


A very original event took place between the 4&5 september 2015.
>> Check the video: here

It was about putting PhD students together, making them work on a topic of their choosing while mentoring them with a great team of experts and waiting to see what will come out of this!

Truth is, we didn’t sleep much, we had a lot of coffee, and we struggled not to fall asleep during the 3AM conferences. So yes, it was very demanding, but higly rewarding.
We met wonderful people, the experience in itself made us learn a great deal about entrepreneurship and also about ourselves.

My team and I worked on Humbox, a way to make building more comfortable, more green and to reduce the electricty bill by doing so.

Description of the project

Humbox is a distributed solution of sensors that can be deployed on a building to autonomously control the indoor environment according to the outdoor temperature and light.

In several surveys, we found out a strong correlation between light/temperature in the working place and productivity/comfort of the workers.

“When temperatures were low (68 degrees or 20 degrees Celsius) employees made 44% more mistakes than at optimal room temperature (77 degrees or 25 degrees Celsius).”


Moreover, we noticed that management of resources and energy are very poor, for example in winter many buildings are overheated for no reason (shops, malls, some working places etc).

So, what if buildings could adapt autonomously to the outside temperature and light to provide the best experience possible indoor?

Humbox is about 3E: efficiency, economy and ecology.

For any information regarding this project, feel free to contact me.




ECE Paris
[6 months Startup program]

Time2Share is an event scheduling platform design to help people and especially group of people to plan events and find interesting activities to do.

It’s a B2C iOS application (free) with a B2B business model.
Anyone can pay to promote its event on T2S platform and this event can also be pushed directly to a target of users according to their profile (premium option).

T2S illustration

Some features : common slot finder algorithm, smart activity proposal (not yet implemented).

For any information regarding this project, feel free to contact me.