Association and Volunteer work

 Elles Bougent
Promotion of engineering and science to girls

eads elles bougent

Ambassador of the association from 2011 to 2014

  • Community mangement in my engineering school ECE Paris,
  • Events support (Bourget, Salon de l’auto etc.),
  • Conference (organization and animation) “La femme, un Homme comme les autres?” [Woman, a Man like another?]

Marraine since 2014

  • SIauFéminin [november 2015] : visit in a highschool and discussion with girls to explain what is engineering and help them with orientation issues/concerns.



TedX Speaker – January 2014

What if Science Fiction was right?

TEDxECE Edition 2014

“Women in Science fiction: where are the role models?”

My talk was about highlighting with humour the lack of strong and credible female role models in science fiction (on screen) for my generation (Y).
I concluded with an optimistic note because nowadays we are seeing more and more strong and realistic female characters on screen.
At least it’s not only about a helpless girl chased by a monster, waiting to be saved OR a “femme fatale”/tomboy shooting on sight in a mini-short (I do like Tomb raider).
Still, many recent and popular movies are not passing the Bechdel-Wallace test.


Humanitarian Mission in Laos

► Medical mission organized by “les Amis de Pakse“.

The team had physicists, dental technicians and volunteers.
Patients, from 3 to 90 years old, came from 4 villages of Pakse area (South of Laos).
– 214 patients for eyes
– 230 patients for general medecine
– 235 patients for dental care and surgery
– 37 dental prosthesis have been made (37 smiles! :))


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